• Jewelry - Raven & Wolves Necklace


    With it's Viking undertone, this piece is absolutely one of my most favorite, in my "Woman's Best Friend" jewelry line. 

    Back in California, I was a Raven rehabber, meaning when the young and mysterious fledglings fell out of their nests, I would pick them up and raise them until they could be released.  One of the most brilliant birds on Earth, they kept me intrigued all these years with their inquisitive yet comical personalities.

    And nothing says strength and wisdom, like adding a pair of wolves to bring this piece into full circle.  As many of you know, it was my love of wolves that ultimately started me into the rescue world and thus Villalobos Rescue Center was born. (Villalobos translates to "village of wolves" in Spanish).  The original "dog", wolves desire for an honorable family structure as well as their unconditional loyalty and devotion, makes them one of my most cherished creatures on the planet. 

    This necklace comes in two lengths: 27 inches and 23 inches.  Also, this piece is "heavy" meaning...you will know when you have it on.  It feels strong, magnificent and empowering when wearing it. But it is also a solid piece of art.

    Before I mail out your piece, I will personally hang it outside in the swamp for the night so that the magick of the bayou embraces the raven and the wolves and into your heart and your very soul. 

    With each order of my "Woman's Best Friend" jewelry items, I will also send out a signed "thank you" as a token of my appreciation in your support for our organization and helping to take care of our dogs.



    From the swamp to your door...