• Apparel - DOING THE TIME with Tia Torres t-shirt


    So you're probably asking what the heck is "DOING THE TIME with Tia Torres???"  

    This is my private Facebook group set up to give support to the women and their families who are left behind to pick up the pieces while their significant other is incarcerated.  As someone who knows all too well what it feels like to depend on someone to help run the household both emotionally and physically but also financially, losing them is life altering. 

    By no fault of their own, these women are left behind to try and keep their families together and struggle with so much and at the same time, dealing with a broken heart.  By purchasing this shirt, your funds will help me to help these women keep their families united.

    Through my private group, each month, I will assist the women, by paying a utility bill or provide a move in deposit on a place to live.  It could be some as simple but as important as buying a week's worth of groceries.  Your purchase (donation) could make the difference between becoming homeless or keeping the lights on.  

    Also with each purchase (donation), you will also get a signed card from me, as a token of my appreciation for helping "our ladies" and their families.